Making the Bed! The Letters of Byron’s ‘Ma Tante’…

The Atticks & Garrets are perfectly well furnish’d – in all there are Sixteen Beds in the house extremely good & Clean but no one very large…



I think You might continue for 3 or 4 days to live in the Dss’s rooms as she inhabited them, as the rooms have all Separate communications – & as there are two bedchambers close together You could do very well for that time & then Settle how the rooms Upstairs Should be arranged…

Lady Melbourne (Tuesday March 7 1815)

Sources Used:

Byron’s “Corbeau Blanc” The Life and Letters of Lady Melbourne Ed: Jonathan David Gross (Liverpool University Press 1998)


'Of All Romances in Miniature... Perhaps this is the Best Shape in which Romance Can Appear.' ~ Lord Byron

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