There’s No Sense of Past Agony as Tee Takes a Stroll Along Piccadilly.

We mean to metropolize to-morrow, and you will address your next to Piccadilly. We have got the Duchess of Devon’s house there, she being in France… Lord Byron Last November I too metropolized to London for a few days and on one quiet and chilly afternoon after a quick rendezvous with Lord Byron in Bennet Street, I [...]


As Lady Byron Departs from 13 Piccadilly Terrace in January 1816, Tee Bylo Returns For an Extended Visit Over 200 Years Later…

Walked early to look at my old house in Piccadilly - saw into the room where I have sat with him, and felt as if I had lived there with a friend who was long since dead to me. No sense of past agony - all mournfully soft. My thoughts floated peacefully into other channels [...]