There’s No Sense of Past Agony as Tee Takes a Stroll Along Piccadilly.

We mean to metropolize to-morrow, and you will address your next to Piccadilly. We have got the Duchess of Devon’s house there, she being in France… Lord Byron Last November I too metropolized to London for a few days and on one quiet and chilly afternoon after a quick rendezvous with Lord Byron in Bennet Street, I [...]


Lady M Sketches the Character of Lord Byron’s House…

I enclose you a very rough Sketch of the rooms on ye ground floor in yr House merely to shew you how ye rooms are disposed, as you may then consider in what way it will be most convenient for you to live in them - I have mark'd them as they are at present... [...]

A Delightful Situation! Lady Byron’s Determined Confidante…

I determined to run ye risk of taking ye Dss's where ye furniture is all clean & ye Beds quite good & the Situation delightfull - she pays 800 pr Anm & the Taxes but she wishes to have a House to go into if she should return to England next Yr & therefore decided [...]

Making the Bed! The Letters of Byron’s ‘Ma Tante’…

The Atticks & Garrets are perfectly well furnish'd - in all there are Sixteen Beds in the house extremely good & Clean but no one very large... I think You might continue for 3 or 4 days to live in the Dss's rooms as she inhabited them, as the rooms have all Separate communications - [...]

‘Dearest Annabella I Have Just Taken the Duchess of Devonshire’s House’… The Letters of Lady Melbourne

Dst Annabella  I have just taken the Dss of Devonshire's House from next Sunday the 12th for one Year at 700£ - as Ld B wants Space I hope it will suit him - but after that, I am in rather a fright at what I have done - but all I can say, is, [...]